Lightning Play™: The Newest Video Ad Format for Mobile Games

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Kevin Ford

September 22nd, 2015

This week we announced a new video ad format for mobile games, Lightning Play™ Video. Designed with maximum performance in mind, Lightning Play™ uses NativeX’s proprietary technology to instantly play HD video ads with a call-to-action end screen expertly designed to drive installs.  This format gives publishers the ability to serve premium video ads in addition to our many other high-performing ad formats optimized for each placement in their apps.

Check out the demo below.

Already offering the most comprehensive suite of reward and non-reward ad formats in the industry, Lightning Play Video adds the latest mobile video ad technology to our mix of reward and non-reward discovery walls, interstitials, and other rich media ad formats; all in one lightweight SDK.

Lightning Play Video uses the same artistry of native monetization and science of predictive analytics that have made NativeX a leader in the mobile advertising space. With NativeX’s suite of products, mobile game developers can choose between multiple ad formats that compete for higher fill and eCPM.

Learn more about Lightning Play Video:  Developers  |  Advertisers

Kevin Ford

Marketing Manager


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