Leverage Media Buying to Drive DAU’s for Your App

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Kevin Ford

August 24th, 2012

Recently a leading indie app developer came up with a great idea for a simulation game that allows users to createtheir dream homes. Shortly after launching internationally, the iOS game became a Top 10 Grossing game in the App Store’s European charts but had minimal penetration in the US. As a result, they wanted to scale by acquiring quality users in the US so they partnered with NativeX to take advantage of our media buying services. The goal was to obtain 50,000 US installs in 24 hours by promoting their game across NativeX’s network with a performance-priced campaign.

Users not only started building homes, they brought their friends and constructed neighborhoods! Installs exceeded the goal of 50,000 by 65%, with an end result of 82,739 installs in 24 hours.  Along with the organic installs generated from holding a top ranking spot in the App Store post campaign, DAU’s climbed to more than 700,000, allowing the app to retain this position for more than two weeks.  The simulation game was now grossing more than Angry Birds — netting over $1 million for the developer.

The CEO of the game development company was so impressed he said, “After being a Top 10 Grossing game in other western countries, we knew we had to penetrate the US market.  We talked to many potential partners, but it was only until we spoke with NativeX that we found someone who we thought could help us reach our goal.  They took us from obscurity in the US to a Top 10 Grossing app, rubbing shoulders with Angry Birds and Draw Something.  It was through NativeX’s aggressive targeting and cost effective marketing that our game was able to take the US iOS market by storm and stay there.”

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Kevin Ford

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