Keeping Generation Z Engaged

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Leslie Harris

September 28th, 2017

Generation Z is the first generation in the history of mankind that has never known a time without smartphones and streaming. Generation Z, or those born between 1996 and 2010, are natural born device gurus. They convert about twice as much on mobile in comparison to any other demographic. In order to get their attention, brands must elevate their overall presence to meet the expectations of these young users.

ContentSquare analyzed data across 7 different countries to see what really sets Generation Z apart from previous generations. Below are the three key ways brands can grab the attention of Generation Z:

1. Capture their Limited Attention

Generation Z’s attention span is extremely short and falls somewhere under the five second mark. A digital-first generation, Gen Z will not tolerate bad user experiences. This means brands must simplify and streamline their customer journey to make it as easy and intuitive as possible. This also means this generation knows exactly what they want and making it easier for them to get it leads to conversions.

Source: ContentSquare

2. Respect their Privacy

Generation Z prefers apps that feel more temporary like Snapchat over apps like Facebook which feel like they leave a lasting online presence. While Facebook is still the preferred social media platform for Gen Z, about 25% of 13-17 year olds left Facebook in 2014 according to ContentSquare. They are very cautious about their digital footprint and value privacy and honesty online. Privacy motivates Gen Z’s shopping behaviors and helps ease any discomfort they have about purchasing. Brands should be transparent about their data collection and what the data is used for to win their trust.

Source: ContentSquare

3. Connect Authentically

Regular experiences are too humdrum for Gen Z users, they’re searching for something above and beyond the ordinary. Highly personalized content can help brands give users a first class experience in lieu of being able to try out products first hand. They respond best to activities that are comprehensive and captivating. Gen Z is very hands-on so giving them opportunities to be involved in product decisions will help them feel more connected with your brand.

Source: ContentSquare

Generation Z is still very young so they are constantly growing and learning about what they prefer when it comes to mobile content. If you master these few concepts, however, you get a good start on understanding how they would like to experience brands on mobile.

For a more complete view of this demographic’s purchasing power, you can download ContentSquare’s complete study here.

Leslie Harris


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