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Kevin Ford

September 22nd, 2015

NativeX’s Self Service beta offers mobile app publishers a clean, clear, and quick way to make money with their apps. Enjoy the benefits of server side ad deployment, scientific optimization, and multiple ad formats; all in one SDK.


The NativeX Self Service is currently in beta, and we are accepting iOS and Android publishers that are new to NativeX. Sign up now to start making money quickly and be the first in line when we add more features that will catapult your revenue-generating potential.

Start making money in 4 steps!

Once you’re in the NativeX Self Service, simply add your app, define your settings, and install the NativeX SDK; then you’ll be ready to start receiving payments. Sign up here

Kevin Ford

Marketing Manager

  1. If I want to buy some incent traffic from your platform, how can I add funds? And I saw your platform has a self service of “payment info”, can I just add funds at there? And how can I insure you will use my money to run campaign?

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