Interactive Video Ads Lift Viewing Times by 47%

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Leslie Harris

October 30th, 2017

In a recent study by MAGNA, Tremor Video DSP and IPG Media Labs, researchers found that consumer attention was prolonged by 47% with the introduction of interactive video ads. The study entitled The Interactive Effect: A Key to Surviving in the Attention Economy of a Mobile-First World, reveals new insights for marketers to use interactive video ads to enhance consumer engagement and retention.


In 2017, attention span has been one of the most important issues marketers face in the mobile-first world. Mobile drives more traffic than web which means, in addition to optimizing advertising experiences to mobile, marketers must also lead with the most pertinent and relevant information otherwise they will almost immediately lose their audience. Interactive video ads work to combat dwindling attention spans while offering the consumer the opportunity to experience the brand in a new way.

The Experiment

As a means to obtain data in a scientifically controlled environment, researchers built a custom app to track interactions. This guaranteed the quality of the results of the experiment. This in-depth experiment was conducted across two device types (phone and tablet) and a total of six types of ads were tested along with a control. They also tested to see if the length of the video had any impact on the results and tested interactive video ads at both 15 and 30 second intervals. This was also tested across 4 different industries.

The Results

The overall finding of the report concluded that interactive video ads extended the overall time users spent with the brand, which equated to a 47% increase in time spent compare to ads that were not interactive. Even more interesting, regardless whether consumers interacted with the actual ad or not, interactive video ads make the overall ad experience 32% more memorable than traditional ads, according to study. These figures did not deviate across demographics and remained consistent across both age and gender variations.


Interactive video ads offers the opportunity for brands to change the way consumers view them.The introduction of interactive video ads makes brands seem more exciting and relevant, regardless of actual interaction with the advertisement. This ultimately drives intent to purchase up 9 times higher than non-interactive ads. Dollars go 52% further with the use of interactive ads because they have more impact and are more persuasive. So, not only are interactive video ads more memorable for consumers, they also push advertising budget further. Overall, interactive video ads give marketers the opportunity to capture their audience for longer intervals, which could lead to enjoyable brand experiences, purchases, and even changed perceptions of the brand.

To get a more complete understanding of how interactive video ads, read the full report here.


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Leslie Harris


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