Inside NativeX: Kickball 2014

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Kevin Ford

September 22nd, 2015

At NativeX, we pride ourselves on being the leading native ad technology for mobile games. Games guide all of our decisions, from the process of creating new mobile ad formats to conversations at lunch about our favorite mobile games. We even have a “Gamers Club” that meets on a weekly basis to discuss game mechanics, monetization techniques, user experience, and what we liked/disliked about the game of the week.

Taking our love for games a step further than the ping pong tables in our offices, we started the tradition of an annual kickball tournament. The tournament has been going on for four years now and people literally plan their summer vacations around it.

While some of us play, others referee, DJ, and coordinate the food and planning. For all of us, it’s nice to step away from our desks to socialize, but there are plenty of opportunities for that at happy hour. The reason we come together as a company year after year for kickball is because of our shared appreciation for games.

At the end of the day, kickball isn’t why we work at NativeX but it is symbolic and it represents our values. Everyone of us spends a large part of our day at work and we believe in having fun together. Our environment is casual, we have a culture of learning, a commuter benefit, and off-site events and happy hours are a regular occurrence. One year we even had a Comic-Con themed Holiday party (most of us ended up dressing up as game characters).

This year’s kickball tournament has come and gone… If you think you have what it takes to compete in the next one, check out our current job openings in San Francisco, CA; Sartell, MN; and Minneapolis, MN. We’re growing fast so check back often, new positions are added all the time.

To check out all of the pictures from the 2014 NativeX kickball tournament, visit our Facebook page.

Kevin Ford

Marketing Manager


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