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Kevin Ford

September 22nd, 2015

At NativeX, we have a strong gaming culture. From regularly filling up our mobile devices with new games, to ourannual kickball tournament – we love games. Our goal as a company is to help mobile game developers monetize their apps and we couldn’t possibly accomplish that goal without understanding the experiences of our customers’ customer, mobile gamers. Luckily we all enjoy playing games; we even formed a “Gamers Club.”

What’s the Gamers Club?

The NativeX Gamers Club is sort of like a book club but for mobile games. Each week we pick a new game, play it, compete against each other in the leaderboards, and study the gameplay. Throughout the week we post tips, tricks, and questions to our internal website to help each other advance. Then, at the end of the week each “club chapter” meets over lunch to discuss the gameplay, mechanics, and monetization techniques. It’s really a fun way to get to know co-workers, and as an organization it keeps us on the pulse of mobile gaming.

Who Participates?

From our CEO to our newest interns, we’re a company of mobile gamers. 35% of all NativeX’ers participate in the weekly Gamers Club meetings and almost everyone makes it to at least one appearance each month. Meetings occur weekly in all three of our offices: Minneapolis, Sartell, and San Francisco. Remote employees even call in from cities around the world, such as Helsinki and Los Angeles.


Which games are we playing?

We try to mix up game genres and gaming studios (big and small) so everyone gets a chance to try something new. This week we’re playing Madden NFL Mobile, by EA in honor of the NFL opener. Some of the other games we’ve recently played include:

  • TwoDots by Betaworks One

If you’re a gamer and you think you’d be a good fit for NativeX, check out our careers page. We’re growing fast so check back often. New positions are added all the time in San Francisco, Minneapolis, and Sartell. You can also follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Kevin Ford

Marketing Manager


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