Imangi Studios Jumps into Partnership with NativeX to Drive New Revenue Channels on Temple Run Android

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Kevin Ford

October 15th, 2012

NativeX, formerly W3i, announces a strategic partnership with the hottest independent mobile game developer of the year, Imangi Studios. The creator of the iconic Temple Run title partnered with NativeX to drive revenue for its Temple Run game on the Android platform with more than 5 million daily active users. This represents a major milestone for NativeX, as its monetization platform now reaches more than 14 million daily active users.

The two-year partnership allows Temple Run players to choose from the best offers available on the NativeX Monetization Platform in order to earn the game’s virtual currency, Temple Run coins. The platform monetizes mobile games by providing exchange technology that aggregates offers from top networks across the globe, featuring the highest-yielding offers in the top positions. Apps using its offer wall have achieved increases in ARPDAU by as much as 8 times earnings.

“We believe that the NativeX Monetization Platform’s exchange technology is the right approach to help us maximize our earnings on Android”, said Imangi founder, Natalia Luckyanova. “NativeX takes the time to understand our goals and deliver the results we need. We are excited to take our partnership with NativeX to the next level”.

“NativeX is all about providing our developer partners a full-service approach,” said Rob Weber, co-founder of NativeX. “Temple Run is arguably the best game on the Android platform, and we want to ensure that the game maximizes its revenue potential and that the advertising complements the gameplay experience.”

About NativeX:

NativeX is a leader in monetization and user acquisition solutions for mobile and desktop apps. The company’s mobile offer exchange sources and optimizes offers from leading providers, often doubling existing revenue. Offer providers access a mass audience of quality app enthusiasts that can deliver 80,000 users in one day with targeting and flexible pricing. NativeX’s app experts deeply collaborate with application developers to grow their businesses. For more information, visit and @nativeX.

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