How iOS 9 Changes Affect Your Monetization Solutions

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Kevin Ford

September 22nd, 2015

Take Action! iOS 9 Changes Affect Your Monetization Solutions

On September 16th, Apple publicly released iOS 9 which will deliver both opportunities and changes for app developers. Here, we will outline the actions you need to take to ensure that the implementation of iOS 9 will not interrupt your ad delivery and will not cause negative impacts to your ad revenue.

How iOS 9 Affects Your App

NativeX CEO, Rob Weber, has previously explained about how the upcoming iOS 9 release will affect developer’s ability to monetize their apps. Apple has added a new feature to iOS 9 called App Transport Security (ATS) that requires secure connections between an app and web services. Since ATS will be enabled by default, all internet (HTTP) requests will be blocked unless they are made over SSL (HTTPS).

What Do I Need to Do and When Should I Do It?

When you are ready to implement iOS 9, follow the instructions provided on our Integration Guide. You will be required to update to the latest NativeX SDK that supports iOS 9 (version 5.4.14). This is a mandatory update for your monetization solution to work properly with iOS9.

Apps currently in the App Store should not be affected by this change, as it only applies to developers upgrading to or implementing iOS 9 in a new app.

If iOS 9 Releases Today, Has the NativeX SDK Been Tested?

Yes! Our engineering teams have been actively testing our SDK against the iOS 9 Beta to avoid surprises and to allow us to confidently guide you through the update process.

Summary of Your Actions Needed
  1. If you implement iOS 9, update to the latest NativeX SDK (Version 5.4.14)
  2. Follow the NativeX SDK implementation instructions. For more detailed information about ATS, visit our App Transport Security FAQ pages. (In practice, you will turn off the default ATS feature and/ or add NativeX’s domains to a whitelist to exclude them from ATS.)
  3. Re-submit your app for continued success and engagement.

If you have any questions, please contact your NativeX Account Manager or log into and click HELP to submit a question.

Kevin Ford

Marketing Manager


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