Google Play Featuring Boosts Daily New User Count by 4900%

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Kevin Ford

January 25th, 2013

Monetization and insights provider nativeX today released data for two of its partners, mobile game developers SkyVu and PlayCoMo, both of which saw a spike in daily new users and daily active users (DAUs) while featured on the Google Play app store.

Featured in Google Play from Dec. 21-28, 2012, SkyVu’s action game Battle Bears Royale saw an increase of 1,899 percent in new users acquired, averaging 148,100 new users daily and peaking at 200,023 new users on Dec. 21. After the featuring on the Google Play Store, the game averaged 233,967 DAUs, an increase in DAU by 3,058 percent, reaching as high as 270,478 DAUs on Christmas Day.


PlayCoMo watched its breeding management title Little Dragons increase by 4,686 percent in new users acquired, with a DAU increase of 514 percent. It should be noted that Battle Bears Royale had a primary feature on Google Play while Little Dragons had a secondary feature.

The impact of app store features has been well documented before like fitness app Runkeeper boosting its download count by 673 percent after being featured in Google Play.

nativeX provided monetization solutions for both SkyVu’s and PlayCoMo’s Android games before the holidays as well. nativeX co-founder and senior vice president said in a statement that nativeX now has more than 66 million monthly active users (MAUs) across its networks. nativeX signed an exclusive monetization deal with Temple Run developer Imangi Studios back in October 2012, and expanded its Android monetization partnership with mobile game developer and publisher Pocket Gems earlier this month. We also recently spoke with nativeX’s general manager of its San Francisco office on Android games monetization, tablets as the next frontier and closing the revenue gap between Android and iOS.

[Originally posted by Scott Reyburn on Inside Mobile Apps]

Kevin Ford

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