Developers Can Monetize Android Apps in Google Play—Some Major Success Stories

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Kevin Ford

May 31st, 2013

In this month’s Distimo report they set out to debunk the myth that iOS apps in the App Store always out monetize Android apps in Google Play.

As Android phones continue to capture market share (IDC shows the Global smartphone market share at 75% and iOS at 17.3%) Distimo’s data is showing that there are companies that are winning the Android revenue battle.

Mobage leads the pack showing similar revenue numbers — $5.1 million in Google Play and $5.6 million in the Apple App Store during April 2013 in the US. In April 2013 Blood Brothers by Mobage generated more revenue in Google Play — $1.8 million total distributed into $1.1 million from Google Play and $.7 million from the Apple App Store.


Due to the global popularity of Android, several companies are seeing more revenue from Google Play in countries outside of the US.  For example Gameloft’s World on Arms generated more revenue from Android in the UK, Germany, Spain, Finland, India, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, Israel, Ireland, and Hong Kong.

However, Distimo is reporting that the daily revenue of apps in the top 200 grossing in the Apple App Store in the US for April 2013 was $5.1 Million, 4.6 times higher than the 200 best performing apps in Google Play with daily revenues of $1.1 million so there is still a ways to go.

Overall Google Play has grown 8% to 27% in combined revenue over the last six months. Apple’s App Store moved from 81% of total revenue to 73%.

As market share continues to grow for Android so do the revenue opportunities. The battle continues.

To download Distimo’s complete report, click here.

Kevin Ford

Marketing Manager


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