Consumer Behavior Trends in China, US, and EU

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Kevin Ford

September 22nd, 2015

NativeX Co-Founder, Ryan Weber gave a keynote presentation at GMGDC this week in Chengdu, China. For those unfamiliar with GMGDC, it’s the largest B2B convention for mobile game developers in China. This year’s event brought together over 5,000 app developers, industry professionals, and speakers in China’s tech capital.

As an advertising platform for mobile games, NativeX collects and analyzes data from games that often reveals interesting trends in consumer behavior. In his presentation at GMGDC, Ryan Weber shared insight into some of the trends between Chinese, American, and European gamers. His key points are summarized below.

Understanding Chinese, American, and European Gamers

There are many factors that come into play when evaluating whether a mobile game, or even a mobile ad format, will be successful in a particular territory. For instance, in China, games with gambling, zombie, and mafia content tend to not be very popular. Instead, gamers prefer RPG, MMO, and RTS games. In the US, casino and puzzle games are consistently competing in the top ranks with casual games like Plants Vs. Zombies.


Chinese and American gamers also prefer different types of ad formats. In the US, video ads generally outperform interstitials on an eCPM basis. When NativeX was in beta with our new video ad product, we tested its performance against interstitials. The results showed video ads only outperformed interstitials by 9.5% in China. In the US, video ads outperformed interstitials by 34%. Results from Europe looked more like China, as video ads only outperformed interstitials by 7%.


Luckily for game developers, the performance of a particular ad format is less relevant with NativeX. We provide developers with a suite of ad formats that includes video, interstitials, discovery walls, and banners that are available in a variety of sizes, as rewarded and non-rewarded ads, all in one SDK. Our technology uses mathematical and statistical models to select the best ad, format, and moment for each user, to deliver maximum eCPM and maintain the highest possible user engagement. This ensures the highest performing ad format is served to users so game developers can stop guessing which ad formats will perform the best in their games.

If you’d like to learn more about NativeX’s monetization solutions, click here, or check out our self-service.

Kevin Ford

Marketing Manager


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