Announcing the new “NativeX Publisher Reporting API”

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Kevin Ford

September 22nd, 2015

Announcing the new “NativeX Publisher Reporting API”

NativeX is pleased to announce our new Publisher Reporting API which allows publishers to retrieve monetization performance data via an API feed.

The Publisher Reporting API provides information on earnings, clicks, conversion rate, and other information by geography, ad unit and placement that’s needed to understand how ads are performing in the publisher’s app. Publishers can benefit from this service by automating the import into their analytics tools and by using the information to drive their mediated ad delivery prioritization.

Immediate API Access

When you are ready to start,  your API Key and API instructions are  immediately available through the NativeX Self Service portal. Unlike many other Publisher Reporting API solutions, there’s no need for an email request or long wait time to get access.

Robust & Flexible.  Easy to Use.

Not only does NativeX provide more data, we provide more flexibility with our request options.  We have added two of our most requested report requirements  – ad unit type and the reward options (incent or non-incent).

The following data is available for each publisher app:

  • app name
  • app id
  • platform
    • date
    • requests
    • impressions
    • clicks
    • conversions
    • commissions
    • eCPM

Adding optional parameters allows the publisher to:

  • request data for only one app
  • specify .csv response format (default is JSON)

group results by

  • adUnit
  • placement
  • country
  • Channel
This version of the NativeX Publisher Reporting API is for publishers with NativeX SDK v 5.0 or above (Rich Media Publishers) integrated in their app.

Kevin Ford

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