2014 was a “Banner Year For Innovative Mobile Ad Formats”

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Kevin Ford

September 22nd, 2015

Allison Schiff from AdExchanger recently published an article about the death of the banner ad (1994-2014) and the companies that are building exciting alternatives for mobile and digital experiences. The article is titled, “A Banner Year for Innovative Mobile and Digital Ad Units” and goes on to argue that consumers prefer advertising as a means to subsidize their content vs paying for apps and other content, but for the sake of advertisers, publishers, and users these ad experiences need to improve.

Jeremy Sadwith, VP of Engineering at Kargo states, “Since the banner is digital advertising’s legacy, it’s what most people defer to when considering creative, ad serving, and measurement. That mentality needs to evolve – both with buyers and sellers – in order to make widespread progress.”

To help advertisers move past the banner, AdExchanger points out ten ad-tech companies that have created innovative alternatives to banners, such as rewarded video ads and shoppable ads. NativeX is honored that the AdExchanger list included our Lightning Play Video, which combines the latest mobile video ad technology with NativeX’s industry leading selection of native advertising formats for both rewarded and non-rewarded rich media formats. AdExchanger’s complete list of innovative ad formats is below.

10 Innovative Digital and Mobile Ad Formats

  • true[X]’s Mid-Roll Replacement

  • Kargo’s Gyroscope

  • XAPPmedia’s Audio

  • Shopbeam’s Shoppable

  • mNectar’s Playable

  • Klick Push’s Music

  • NativeX’s In-App Video

  • Innovid’s Interactive Pre-Roll

  • betaworks/Tapestry’s Storytelling

  • Zumobi’s Immersive

To learn more about these ten mobile and digital alternatives to banner ads, check out the full article onAdExchanger. If you’re interested in learning more about Lightning Play Video, check out this page for more details, or watch the following video.

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Kevin Ford

Marketing Manager


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