Mobvista Announces Mintegral: The First Native + Video Ad Mediation Platform in China

Mobvista’s Mobile Monetization Mediation Platform: M + Integral = Mintegral On September 20,  announced the launch of China’s first native and...Read More >

NativeX Prepared for “Limit Ad Tracking” in iOS 10

  Limit Ad Tracking (LAT) in iOS 10 Apple’s iPhone launch event on 7 September included announcements for the final details for iOS 10....Read More >

How Creative Innovation Drives Mobile Growth

Are your idea a clone or a contender? In the mobile app world, innovation and creativity is required in order to...Read More >

Mobvista Acquires NativeX – Accelerating Global Growth for Mobile Advertising and Monetization

NativeX Native Video Monetization Technology Combined with Mobvista’s Mobile Advertising Market Reach Opens New Revenue Opportunities For Publishers and Advertisers  ...Read More >

Secret Factors Behind Apple’s App Store Search Ranking Algorithm Revealed

With over 1.5 million apps available in each of the Google Play and Apple App Stores, many developers have experienced the...Read More >

Are You Punishing Players Who Pay?

Rethinking Monetization Strategies that Are Choking Valued Players Out of Your Game. I am proud to be a ‘whale’ when...Read More >

NativeX Partners with Square Enix for Lara Croft: Relic Run

Last week, Square Enix launched Lara Croft: Relic Run, their first free-to-play mobile game from the iconic Tomb Raider series,...Read More >

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